Shayne Roy


Shayne Roy and his wife immigrated to the USA and are the proud parents of four brilliant, talented children. As COO of DevPipeline, he is a transformative leader deeply committed to the success of both individuals and organizations. His journey, rooted in a background in banking in South Africa and later expanding to management consulting and executive coaching, reflects an unwavering dedication to excellence and positive impact.

At DevPipeline, Shayne has emerged as a pioneer in the tech education landscape, most notably through the creation of the first and only registered competency-based apprenticeship for web developers in Utah. This groundbreaking program has not only propelled individuals into rewarding careers in web development but is a testament to the collective success of the DevPipeline team.

Under Shayne's collaborative leadership, DevPipeline has earned well-deserved recognition for its innovative approach to tech education. The organization's outstanding outcomes are a result of the cohesive efforts of the team, solidifying DevPipeline's standing as a leader in the dynamic field of tech education and apprenticeships.

Shayne's strong connections with employers highlight his emphasis on building lasting relationships with those who prioritize investing in their people. His commitment to leaving both individuals and businesses in a better state than he found them underscores his genuine dedication to positive transformation, attributing the achievements to the collective efforts of the team.

Drawing on his extensive experience in management consulting and executive coaching, Shayne's ability to coach and support executives has been instrumental in fostering the development of top-performing teams. In 2014, he founded Zero Barriers, introducing innovative methodologies such as the Zero Barriers Approach, IMPROV Sales, Attitude Cycle, and the Purpose Driven Exercise.

Motivated by a desire to effect meaningful change, Shayne's journey led him to DevPipeline, where he continues to play a pivotal role in pioneering apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs within the tech industry. His strategic vision and passion for cultivating talent are key contributors to the collective success of the DevPipeline team and their transformative impact on the world of tech education.