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What is insourced custom development?

Insourced custom development entails partnering with us, where we provide skilled team members at no extra cost or train your personnel via a competency-based apprenticeship program. This approach blends classroom learning with hands-on experience, expanding your software team's capabilities while advancing your software development goals.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships, rooted in tradition, involve learning alongside experienced professionals until mastering the necessary skills. At DevPipeline, our program combines education with hands-on experience. Novices work with seasoned developers, gaining essential knowledge for a successful tech career. Our competency-based approach removes the experience barrier, ensuring real-world readiness. Unlike bootcamps or traditional degrees, we bridge the gap between education and practical skills, fostering long-term employment with 90% retention post-apprenticeship.

What does it mean to be the only competency based full-stack software developer apprenticeship, and why should you care?

DevPipeline's unique competency-based full-stack software developer apprenticeship stands out by prioritizing skill and understanding over mere completion and time. Our program addresses employers' frustration in assessing new hires' true capabilities, offering transparency and reducing hiring risks through an insourced model. This ensures a better fit for employers' needs and fosters successful, competent software developers.

What's the difference between a bootcamp and DevPipeline's program?

We provide training and the first experience of working in a dev shop on web applications for clients.

Why is DevPipeline not considered a bootcamp?

DevPipeline is an Apprenticeship: We combine world-class education with on-the-job experience. This dual approach ensures that our learners are not only knowledgeable but also adept at applying their skills in real-world projects.

How is DevPipeline's approach to web development different?

DevPipeline proudly holds the position of Utah's only competency-based apprenticeship program for software developers. We're not just providing education; we're shaping skilled developers who are ready to excel in real-world scenarios.

What is DevPipeline's goal and commitment to its students?

Our commitment is unwavering:
Eliminate the software talent gap.
We're dedicated to creating a future where organizations have access to a diverse pool of highly skilled developers, and where individuals have the opportunity to forge successful careers in software development.

How long is your program?

Our program lasts 45 weeks.

Do I need to have prior experience working in tech?

No, for many of our students, this is their first experience in tech!

Is this training program offered remotely?

We provide both remote options as well as in-person training.

Will I receive a certification after I complete the training program?

Yes! If you follow the DevPipeline Full-Stack certification, you will end up with three certificates:

  1. Software Development Foundations
  2. Front-end Development
  3. Back-end Development

Why should I choose DevPipeline?

We open doors to career opportunities others can't access on their own. Our programs provide a unique pathway into the tech industry, creating avenues for success. We partner with local governments and employers to provide economic diversity and inclusion. At DevPipeline, we're not just shaping developers; we're building a future where technology is inclusive, accessible, and beneficial for all.

Do you charge applicants for job placement?

No, we don't. We want to make your pathway to employment as smooth and successful as possible!

Do you charge employers for providing applicants?

Nope! We want to make it as easy as possible for employers to find great applicants (aka, you!).

How do we become an Employer Partner?

Contact Shayne Roy at [email protected]. Write a letter stating your willingness to interview our candidates and complete our Appendix A of the DOL Apprenticeship application.

Why should we add DevPipline to our tuition reimbursement program?

Let's face it, your company is busy with the work at hand. Our proprietary curriculum and dedicated mentors will upskill, reskill, and prepare your employees for the positions you need covered most. Employers who take care of their employees, in turn, have employees who take care of their employers. 76% of employees said they are more likely to stay with their employer because of its tuition reimbursement benefit. (Bright Horizons)

What are the benefits of having a tuition reimbursement program?
  • 76% of tuition reimbursement participants participated in a program for assistance or growth opportunities, and two-thirds participated in learning new skills. (EdAssist)
  • 84% of employees cited tuition assistance as an important factor in their decision to join their companies. In fact, 71% of participants rated tuition assistance among the best benefits offered by their employers after healthcare. (EdAssist)
  • 45% of Millennials report they would change their job for tuition reimbursement benefits. (Gallup)
  • 88% of Gen Z workers say they are more likely to recommend their employer because of its education benefits.
    (Bright Horizons)
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